New Ford Explorer ELECTRIC: The Ford That’s Also A VW?

By | March 21, 2023

Introducing the latest addition to Ford’s extensive lineup – the Ford Explorer Electric! This exciting new vehicle promises to offer a smooth and efficient ride, while also being eco-friendly. But did you know that there might be a hidden connection between the Ford Explorer Electric and Volkswagen? Read on to find out more about this groundbreaking new release and the possible partnership between two major automotive giants.

New Ford Explorer ELECTRIC: The Ford That’s Also A VW?


As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, more car manufacturers are jumping on board the trend. Ford has recently announced its plans to introduce an all-electric version of the Explorer for the European market. The move is part of the American automaker’s plans to accelerate their electric ambitions and compete with Tesla’s Model Y. The most interesting part of Ford’s announcement is that the new electric Explorer will be built on the same platform as a Volkswagen Group electric vehicle. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what this means for Ford and what we can expect from the all-electric Explorer.

Explorer built on Volkswagen platform

Ford has decided to use the Volkswagen architecture, specifically the same platform used by the VW ID3, ID4, and ID Buzz, as well as the Skoda and Audi products. This Volkswagen-MEB platform will allow Ford to bring the new electric Explorer to market faster than if the company had developed its in-house platform. This is a smart cost-saving and time-saving technique on Ford’s part.

Replacing the plug-in hybrid SUV

The all-electric Explorer will replace the plug-in hybrid SUV in the European market. The new electric Explorer will sit below the more premium Mach E and will be built in Germany for European customers. With this move, Ford aims to gain a foothold in the highly competitive European electric vehicle market.

Unique “Shield” design

The front-end design of the Explorer features a unique “Shield” design, replacing the large upper grille typical of American Ford products. This updated design is a part of Ford’s attempts to appeal to European buyers. Ford is known for its iconic grille, which has been a part of the brand’s look for decades, but the unique Shield design should help the Explorer stand out from the crowd.

Interior features & specs

The inside of the Explorer has ample storage space, fake-leather materials, and a vertical orientation Sync system touch screen. However, the Explorer’s specs are still to be confirmed, but it is expected to have batteries up to 77 kWh and a range of about 250 miles with similar pricing to the VW ID4. These specs will compete with the best of the electric segment with the likes of Tesla Model Y.

Competing with other electric vehicles

The Explorer will have to compete with many other electric vehicles, including cars from Tesla and emerging manufacturers from China. The electric segment is highly competitive, and it is essential that Ford hits the right notes with the Explorer. The American automaker will need to pull out all the stops to take market share from established players.


Ford’s collaboration with Volkswagen to make the Explorer electric is a smart move for both companies. Using an existing platform can save time and money for Ford, while Volkswagen can benefit from additional economies of scale. The Explorer has great potential in the European electric vehicle market, and it’s exciting to see what Ford has planned for the future.


  1. When will the all-electric Ford Explorer be available in Europe?
    Ans: The exact release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it is expected to be released in Europe by 2022.

  2. Will the electric Explorer be sold in the United States?
    Ans: There are no current plans to bring the all-electric Explorer to the United States.

  3. How much can I expect to pay for the all-electric Explorer?
    Ans: The exact pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but it will be in a similar range as the Volkswagen ID4.

  4. What is the range of the electric Explorer?
    Ans: The range is expected to be around 250 miles, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

  5. What makes the front-end design of the Explorer unique?
    Ans: Ford has replaced the large upper grille typical of American Ford products with the unique “Shield” design.

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